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You're so vain...

Part of my new job involves promotional work, getting the degree programme known locally. the college media liaison team contacted the local newspaper (East Anglian Daily Times) who were keen for an article. That lead to requests for a whole series of articles - on wolf lore in East Anglia (Page One & Page Two), witch trials in Suffolk (Page One & Page Two), a shortly-to-appear one on storytelling. There's another article in the Bury Free Press about the course, but I look like some bizarre kind of bobblehead in the accompanying photo - so I've decided that I'd sooner not share that one!
I now have a regular column tackling ethical and philosophical dilemmas sent in by readers. The first moral issue is tackled here.
Today, I also had an interview on BBC Radio Suffolk with Lesley Dolphin on her afternoon show. If you fancy listening, it starts just after the 3pm mark: Radio.