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Power of Dog

Sad news about some friends' dog dying last night, which has brought back memories of various dogs I have lost over the years as well.

Great Royal Myth

This is the version of the Great Royal Myth of Egypt recorded for my Religious Studies students (one of their essay questions is about it). I've used the Egyptian transliterations of the divine names rather than the Greek. The classes are three hours long, but I wish we had more time to discuss what the myths mean and how they can be interpreted.
Setekh gets a bad reputation in this story, but he is a fascinating presence and there is a great deal more to him than some pantomime villain.


Fame and fortune (well, no fortune) being interviewed by Robert Lummis for his Universal Energies show on the Felixstowe internet TV channel. It was an interesting experience, and totally unscripted. Clearly I am in dire need of a make-over to stop looking like a hobbit, but that aside hopefully you'll find the topics discussed of interest.