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Where and back again

I've been quiet for a few weeks, wrapped up in matters domestic (my partner has moved in and it has been non-stop moving of furniture, cleaning, disposing of excess possessions, cleaning, redecorating, renovating the kitchen, cleaning, oh and cleaning). What little spare brain cells I've had have been used up at work and writing the weekly East Anglian Daily Times ethics & philosophy column, knocking out pagan newsletters, and eating chocolate. Well, it is Easter.

Speaking of Easter, there's a short story below that may vaguely amuse some of you. This Saturday (April 2nd) will be the Leaping Hare pagan convention in Colchester. I will be storytelling with Clan Ogma druid group (The Cauldron Cracked, if I can convince anyone to film it I'll upload a copy here) and giving a talk on Celtic Poetry & Magic to replace one of the speakers who has had to drop out. The programme can be found here.