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A second foray into writing a story in the style of M R James, drawing on some darker history and lore of Suffolk. The village of Colliton is entirely fictional, but could easily be any number of rural locations around the county.
The written version is below, for those who prefer to read their stories whilst an audio version is record (I'm still not sure how to record voice without the visuals, so you'll have to put up with my mug until I work out how to make better use of technology - if anyone can explain how to do so, in words of one syllable or less, bearing in my the severe limitations of my computer-understanding, then please mail the instructions to me. I had been lecturing at the college for nine years before one of the students explained to me, in about 30 seconds, how to use the record facility on the laptop for their presentations - until then I didn't even know the laptop had that capacity).

Sir Richard watched with pleasure as his guest surveyed the con…