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The Skull

I know a couple of stories about Robin Ddu, a cunning man from North Wales who may either be a wizard or a con man (depending on your point of view). Apologies for the erratic pronunciation of Welsh words - still working that. I'll record other tales in due course but this one recounts how he uses a skull to recover the jewels of the landed gentry. This character has definite echoes to the 18th century Ipswich cunning man, Old Winter, about whom I have written on a number of occasions and the TV characters of the Crowman (from Worzel Gummidge) and Catweazle, both rural magicians brought to life by the late Geoffrey Bayldon back in the 1970s.
Speaking of which, I contributed a short chapter to Tis Magic (an anthology about the Catweazle show). My copy arrived in this morning's post -

Pooka 2019

Pooka's Pageant will be Saturday 16th November, 10am till 4pm at Oddfellows Hall in Ipswich. The Pageant is a celebration of mythology and mysticism through storytelling, poetry, music, and other performing arts.

10.00 Welcome & toast to the Pooka 10.15 The Dagda’s Harp – a talk by Robin Herne
11.00 Fable-ous Fruit – stories by Malcolm Busby

12.00 Poetry share
12.15 Lunch
1.15 Fifth Season – music with Carys
2.00 Poetry share
2.15 Music & Mayhem – music, poems & stories with Sheila & David
3.00 Break
3.15 By Land, Sea & Sky – stories with Robin Herne
4.00 Thanks & farewell toast

Tickets are £5, with profits going to various animal charities. Please spread the word if you know anyone who would like to attend.