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Animal Rites


Went to a book swap last night and picked up a copy of a 2013 anthology to which I had quite forgotten I had contributed a chapter. There are some excellent essays in here on all manner of subjects by people such as Morgan Daimler, Emma Restall Orr, Lucya Starza, and Brendan Myers - so it's well worth a read. If you fancy a copy, you can order it in via any bookshop or (if you can't get to any bookshops) on-line retailers.
My own contribution is a rather basic reflection on the development of polytheist psychology.

Baaling out

There's a chap who lives a few streets away from me and whom I sometimes bump into whilst walking the hounds. He is always very pleasant and seems well informed on many issues. He's also a devout Christian (not sure which denomination), and often talks about religious matters. Recently he spoke to me about the destruction of antiquities by Daesh in what is now Islamic State territory. He sympathised about how horrified I must be by their historical loss, but then suddenly said that - as some of the temples were associated with "Baal worship" - maybe their loss was a good thing as it would save people from being tempted into devoting themselves to Baal.
It was an awkward moment where I wondered whether to laugh, cry, or rage. By the time I'd made up my mind, he'd already gone on his way. I don't even know where to really begin with this sentiment - it is horrifying when members of one religion crow about the destruction of the sites sacred to another, more…

A Harvest Song

A short poem written for a ritual at Lughnasadh. It's not great and doesn't quite say what I want it to about the historical relationship between women, farming, and warfare, but it sufficed. It's written in treochair metre.

Out and About

I was asked to contribute to the PF disability team's virtual moot over the Lughnasadh weekend. The theme was transitions, so I recorded this waffle about declaring one's sexuality - it's a bit rambling, and I'm not sure it really says what was vaguely circling round my three remaining brain cells, but here it is anyway....