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Books across the pond

A brief taste of fame being interviewed on Pagan Business Network radio by Ravenwings about writing and books in general.


I was asked to contribute a recording for a "virtual moot" organised by the Pagan Federation's Disability Team, on the general theme of magic in modern society. The recording below is a ramble about the practice and underpinning philosophy of cleansing both places of negative energy as part of a ritual and also cleansing oneself.


I've been booked to give a talk on Tuesday 12th July, 7.30pm at the FairTrade centre by the Bury St Edmunds branch of Amnesty. The talk will be on 'Personal Identity and Human Rights' - I will endeavour to make it more interesting than it sounds, focussing on various different ethical challenges and philosophical questions. The talk is free, so if you are around the area tomorrow night and fancy coming along - please do. It would be good to talk to a lively crowd.