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Leaping Hare 2017

Saturday 25th March is the annual Leaping Hare pagan convention in Colchester. We have an excellent series of speakers and workshops over the day, as described below. I will be joining with Clan Ogma to tell the story of the Hound of Ulster (part of an ongoing series of canine-related events this year, as a thanksgiving for the recovery of one of my dogs from potentially serious illness).
More details of the conference can be found on the website.

Book Review

I've been meaning to post a review of this book for some while, as it is one of the recommended reading texts on the Classical Polytheism module of the Religious Studies degree that I run. Brendan Myers' "The Earth, the Gods and the Soul" is an excellent resource in the study of both early pagan thought and its more modern expressions. The author summarises the key beliefs of a wide range of philosophers who either were pagan (such as Pythagoras) or whose writings have had a strong influence upon the development of pagan philosophies (such as Rousseau and Graves).
Myers' precis of the central beliefs is both accurate and succinct, and he ties the assorted ideas together to build an overarching set of arguments around the necessity for institutional structure to help in the building (or rather rebuilding) of a cohesive philosophy of the world, weaving together such strands as animism and Neo-Platonism.
The author also addresses such issues as the enchantment of t…