The Druid's Banquet

Saturday evening at the Oddfellows Hall will be the IPC's celebration of Celtic mythology at an Iron Age style banquet replete with bardic stories, poems, riddles, music and other such entertainment. I'll be doing a few of the stories and poems myself, along with fellow performers.
Looking forward to this, as it will be a chance to catch up with assorted friends as well as for hamming it up with some tales by candle light.
Tickets are £3 members/£4 guests, you can buy on the door ~ bring food and drink to share. Any profits left after hall hire will go towards subsidising future IPC events. The performers will be in historical costume, feel free to either come as you are or dress for Ancient Britain!


  1. Sounds awesome :) How long did it take to build up a group of performers and large enough audience to make this workable?

  2. It was a very enjoyable evening with a lovely group of people. The IPC has been going since 1994, but a few of the people attending the Banquet had been members for only a couple of months. So I reckon you need only get people turning up to regular low key events for a few months before they'd be willing enough to go along to something along the lines of the Banquet.


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