Red Rabbit

A short story for readers, inspired by a Taoist myth (though told from a different angle to the usual). I
have also written a poem inspired by the same story, which appears both on this blog and in the anthology 'Moon Poets', published by Moon Books.
I'm not sure if Red Rabbit is a ghost story, a mythological tale, or something else entirely. I don't speak any Chinese and was concerned that the names might be inappropriate (not understanding the cultural context within which names are used). However, I ran this past a Malaysian friend who said the names were fine.
I'm thinking of putting together a collection of spectral short stories with a magical/pagan theme at some point. I love reading the short stories of Christopher Fowler, Ronald Chetwynd-Hayes, Neil Gaiman etc., thought my stories are not in their league as yet. I'm not sure if there's a market for such a collection as yet, but hopefully so.
The first version of this story was originally performed at a storytelling evening hosted by my friend Leo, who is rapidly becoming something of an internet sensation! He has a house rabbit, and the choice of this tale owes more than a little to Buck.


  1. That's quite eerie, and good to hear more from Tu Er Shen.

    A collection of similarly eerie magical / pagan stories sounds awesome :)

  2. Hopefully the collection will come to pass.


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