Pooka's Pageant 2015

On November 7th, 10am to 5pm at Oddfellows Hall, I will be coordinating our annual performing arts gathering - Pooka's Pageant.
As in previous years there will be a full programme of speakers, performers and workshops to entertain people with (all for a mere £4, with any profits being split between animal charities).

We will be opening at...

10am - a talk on Narrative Psychology and its applications within paganism
11.15 - choose between Songs of the Sea with Terry Smith, or Welsh Mythology with Beverley Price
We break for lunch at 12.15 and a chance to share some poetry.
1.15 - Japanese mythology in Lady of the Mirror with Marion Leeper, or alternately a workshop for aspiring storytellers
2.15 - Joshua Harris will be telling myths of the Norse Gods, or if you prefer listen to some pagan themed poetry for disturbed and disturbing children with Robin Herne (i.e. me)
3.15 - Carys Deverell will be regaling us with pagan songs and music
4.15 - Emmalena Louise Ellis will be telling stories about the Fair Folk and Goblins, or you can hear a selection of storytellers recounting myths and legends of Suffolk.

To book tickets, contact robinherne@hotmail.com


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