I was asked to contribute a recording for a "virtual moot" organised by the Pagan Federation's Disability Team, on the general theme of magic in modern society. The recording below is a ramble about the practice and underpinning philosophy of cleansing both places of negative energy as part of a ritual and also cleansing oneself.


  1. Undeserved flattery apart, this is a nice aperitif for a feast of shared discussion. It occurs to me that the whole thing about 'cleansing' as we partially understand it, might more usefully be considered as a process of attunement, or tuning, i.e. changing the vibrational frequency of ourselves and our ambient space to resonate harmoniously with that with which we wish to connect. Coalescent energy particles, as entities, can co-exist within the same apparent space whilst being virtually non-apparent to, and non-interactive with each other. When, for example, we consider the use of music in magical ritual, the entire liturgy could be seen as singing in the shower :-). At another level (!) we might consider the souls inside the bodies of the flies and the seagulls and the pi-dogs and the humans, all of whom are scavenging on the same rubbish-heap, and all of one holy substance but in varying degrees of unworthy manifestation.

  2. Attunement would be a good approach to take, sloughing off anything that might be considered discordant.


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