World Poetry Day

Yesterday was World Poetry Day, so I started something but - what with teaching evening classes and one thing ad another - fell asleep before posting it. So, a day late, but here is an offering of sorts. Some readers might feel it ought to be a burnt offering, which wouldn't surprise me as I'm not a fan of blank verse. Too often it's a euphemism for badly written meanderings. So at least this is in keeping with the general quality! Not entirely sure on a title... maybe Digital Deities?

Digital Deities (or, perhaps, Virtual Mythology?)

Narcissus sinks into selfies,
Lost from sight.
Eyes gouged, Aminias fallen
On the stick discarded by his love.
Clattering in the empty hall,
It dislodges, echoing –
Empty memes meaning faded,
Pasted into perpetuity, pointless.

Theseus lost, his thread unravelling
As, harried by beasts
Part-man, mostly bull who,
Troll-turf tramping with horned hunger
Bellowing, stalk each other
Armed with sharpened barbs.
Each locked in labyrinthine logic.

Medea chanting blends the ancient recipes –
Nature’s pharmacopeia purified of agenda,
Hidden in pages lit from within, unclouded
By reason.
Her children sacrificed on the altar
Of Hygeia, Hecate forgotten in the flight to become
Pelias’s saviour, vaunted healer,
Gaia’s unclaimed prophetess who
Will not be scorned
By those who chase the Golden Fleece,
Guarded by the serpent of Asclepius.

Lotus juice lulls,
Plastic petals infuse in black pools that
Flow forth from flat-screened palm pitchers,
Entrancing thirsty minds,
Saving them from the toil of talking
To each other,
An island in silence sits, citizens
Lost in a world not present, deaf
To despair untexted.
Compassion undelivered.

Olympus waits for a signal.


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