I wrote this poem some years ago, and it appeared in the Moon Books anthology (published in 2014). It was inspired by the Greek myths of the sea deities Poseidon, Nerites (who was transformed into a sea snail), and Proteus the seal herder - a lovely idea, of a god looking after seals and steering them through the oceans.
I'm recording this because 2017 is the anniversary of the decriminalisation of gay sex in the UK and so this year is being marked with various events, films etc. Also recording this because I'm sick to death of the General Election, but also more than a bit perturbed by the sudden elevation of the very hard line anti-LGBT Irish political group, the DUP, to the position of "king makers". So, this poem is my attempt to focus on a more positive view of such issues.


  1. A lovely, lyrical poem in which the lolling of the waves and the presence of the sea is present. An aside, perhaps we ought to enlist the aid of Proteus the seal herder to assist in ending the seal pup slaughter.

  2. Thank you. I'm sure Proteus would be amenable to protecting the seals.


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