Dangerous Dogs

On the evening of Thursday 17th August, my two elderly dogs and I were walking on Broom Hill, Ipswich (the side close to Valley Road & Westwood Avenue). Two large off-leash rottweilers appeared out of nowhere and attacked both my dogs and me, as I fought to kick the damned things off. The owners were way behind and were clearly not rushing even though they must have heard these monsters baying, my dogs screaming in pain, and me bellowing at the things to fuck off.
By some miracle the little Jack Russell was bruised but not otherwise wounded. My husky was badly bitten on his head, stomach, flank and rear, and had to be taken to the vet for stitches - costing £370. The damage to his belly was seconds away from disembowelling him. My leg and hand were bitten (blood everywhere by the time we got home) and I was given a tetanus booster and antibiotics.
The irresponsible buggers made no effort to apologise or ask if either I or my dogs were harmed. What makes this matter worse, for me, is that this is the second time this year we have been set on by these two rottweilers running off-lead around Broom Hill, so clearly the owners know that their dogs are dangerous and just don't care. They didn't show the slightest concern the first time either, just called their dogs and mooched off.
The matter has been passed to the police and the Park Wardens. Posting this on social media partly to warn other people who take their pets or let their children play around Broom Hill to be extra vigilant for these creatures (how long till they seriously maim or even kill a pet or a child?), and partly to encourage anyone reading this who has had a run-in with these two rottweilers to report the matter to the police, even if your pets were lucky enough to escape harm. The more reports that pile up, the more likely that the police will take action and find out who owns the dogs and do something about them (plus I can send the irresponsible morons the vet bill, which might go some small way to prompting them to take charge of their animals in future).
If you walk in that area (we will not risk doing so again), make sure you take a walking stick or some other means of defending yourself in case they attack you too. If you know people who walk in that area, feel free to pass this warning on to them.



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