National Poetry Day 2018

That peculiar woman who sits in an office dreaming up National and International days has, apparently, appointed the 21st as the day for enjoying poetry. Below is one of my poems, inspired by the comedic myth of burly Thor and elfin Loki cross-dressing as a blushing bride and lady-in-waiting to attend a giant's wedding and retrieve the stolen Mjolnir. Brain cells permitting later tonight I'll upload a poem from a famous poet or two that I admire, and spread the love.

Dragging Thor Out

Eight leagues low, --- In lightless hole
Was short-shaft’s tool shrouded.
Thrymyr foolish, --- Freya fancied,
On luckless Loki burden landed.

Bitches bound --- Bestow fire’s flash,
Deal brokered and broken
(Oafs earn no oaths --- Open wounds only).
Homeward then, webs to weave!

Thor’s fury --- Freya’s thunder
Asgard’s rafters rattle.
To Horn-blower hie --- Hints dropped,
Hiemdallr’s plan histrionics harvested.

Falcon feathers fall --- Fabrics festooned us,
The Thunderer frocked, fabulous!
Falsies but no falsetto --- Foiling me already,
I shall his sulk subvert.

Brisingamen bedecked --- Breakfast at Thrymyr’s
“Hungry and horny is she”, I say.
Giant skull --- Scant brain!
Bridegroom witless wonders.

Guzzling girl belches --- Guile stretches.
“Thirsty and thankful is she”, I say.
Suspicion simmers --- Sense shrivels,
The host hollers for hammer.

On cushion carried --- Keeper of oaths.
Groom grants his shaft, girl grabs!
Roaring and raging --- Relatives rent,
Bride her own veil violates.

Marriage made not --- Many funerals forged.
More blood than mead mixed,
Skirts sodden! --- Saga soon sung,
My ‘sister’s’ bold beard swings free.


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