Pooka's Pageant 2018

On December 1st Pooka's Pageant (a celebration of mythology and folk lore through the performing arts) will be held at Oddfellows Hall in Ipswich. The programme is shown below, with more details here. Tickets are £5 on the door (£3 in advance) with any profits being split between Husky Rescue and the Hare Preservation Trust.

This year we also have three trade stalls - Robert Lummis jewellery, incense and crafts; Whispering Eofor's jewellery (see more details here); and Michele Bo Boyd's felt ornaments.

Please feel free to circulate details to any people you think would enjoy attending. The Pageant s family-friendly with refreshments available on the day (feel free to bring your own sandwiches if staying all day!)


10.00am ~ Welcome and a toast to the Pooka
10.15am ~ 'Weaving Wyrd Words', poetry & song with Sheila Haskins
11.00am ~ 'Wolf Song', music with Carys Singer
11.45am ~ 'Flower Power', plant imagery in poetry with Bev Price
12.30pm ~ lunch break (feel free to sing or recite poems as people eat their sarnies!)
1.30pm ~ 'Asgard Ho!', Norse & Anglo-Saxon poetry with Terry Stannard-Smith & Robin Herne 
2.15pm  ~ 'Curious Coyote & the Sky Helpers', Native American stories with Robert Lummis
3.00pm  ~ 'Cunning Talk', magical poetry with Greg McDowell & Robin Herne
3.45pm  ~ COFFEE BREAK  
4.00pm  ~ 'A Wolf Age', mythical stories with Robin Herne
4.45pm  ~ Raffle & Farewell


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