When not writing books or advising students I've been enjoying listening to assorted people on YouTube reviewing Doctor Who, discussing plot lines and the like (Geek Pride, I'll happily wear that badge). So I've joined the throng and reviewed a few classic episodes myself, which is likely to be of minimal interest to the handful of people who follow this blog - but for the one or two who enjoy British science fiction here are my thoughts on serials that I have enjoyed (the aim is to talk mostly about the things I like and hope to see more of in future, rather than being overly critical of what I dislike).

I will sporadically add more reviews in future...or do I mean past... it's all so timey-wimey I get confused. This is more self-indulgence than any realistic sense that anyone gives a damn what I think about a TV show, but if anyone has adventures they like that they want to suggest for review do say. It's nice to share a geeky enthusiasm every once in a while.

First off, some thoughts on the Tom Baker adventure The Seeds of Doom, in which plant monsters run rampage.

Then some reflections on Frontier in Space from the days of Jon Pertwee, where a war brews between the Human and Draconian Empires.

Finally, some waffle about another Tom Baker adventure, The Invisible Enemy, in which a sapient plague virus gets up to no good.


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