Golden tale

I recently celebrated my 50th birthday (with a trip to the Eastern Angles theatre to see their excellent spoof of Enid Blyton, "Four and a Half go Wild in Thetford Forest" - if you have yet to see it, book a ticket... lots of new acting talent performing who will doubtless become much better known in future. Drama schools obviously train their graduates well. Edward Kaye playing the clueless posh boy in snug shorts was worth the price of admission alone. Loved seeing Queen Boudicca trundling around in her battle wagon demanding an exit from the Roman Empire and promising millions of sestertii for the NHS. There was even a visit from an eerily accurate version of Ed Sheeran). The prospect of Thetford ending up half under water in two decades' time might not distress too many people, but we may all have to get used to a lot of changes as the environment alters around us.

I wanted to record a story for my birthday, but other things got in the way - so here is my belated tale. Given that 50th anniversaries (for weddings if not birthdays) are marked by gifts of gold, I've opted for a story with a lot of golden imagery to regale you with - a Russian tale, variants of which can be found throughout that region of the world, in which the youngest of the Tsar's sons retrieves the wondrous Firebird which has been eating the golden apples that grow in the old autocrat's private garden. The story also has the benefit of having a heroic wolf as a prominent feature, so all the more reason to like it.


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