Bard Song

My second book, Bard Song, is a bit of an unusual line to take in that I wanted to combine samples of my own poetry with both instructions to the readers on how to use those metrical styles themselves and also some general philosophising on the use and nature of poetry in early Insular Celtic realms. The majority of the book is given over to Welsh and Irish metres from the medieval and earlier periods, organised by seasonal themes. There are also some chapters on comedic poetry and Scandinavian and Classical poetic metres.
part of the hope behind this book was to encourage people to write their own poetry for ritual (or pleasure) in the old metrical styles. With all the interest these days in "brain training" you will certainly get a good workout having a crack at a rannaigheacht ghairid metre!
A fair number of the poems included here have been performed at various events in Suffolk and beyond.
As with the other books you can order this via pretty much any local bookshop, the publisher is Moon Books and the ISBN is 978-1780990873.


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