Old Gods, New Druids

It was a massive thrill for me to get my first book published. OGND is based around a series of introductory lessons used in the druid group which I helped found some 20 years ago. There are quite a few druidry books around, I wanted to create one that emphasised the polytheist approach. It's not completely reconstructionist, because we can no longer recreate something that has been so heavily eroded. We can, however, reconnect to the Gods and spirits and start building something for our current century that draws on the same spiritual roots. The chapters aim to stimulate thought and give some practical exercises that people can engage in to help deepen their connection to the land and Gods.
I might try a follow-up book at some stage, taking the lessons in this first one to a deeper level. Depending on the level of interest exhibited in the first book.
If anyone wants to get a copy, pretty much any local bookshop will be able to order one in ~ the publisher is O-Books and the ISBN - 978-1846942266.


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