Grey Mare

Lovely long weekend away at the Grey Mare Pagan Camp in the New Forest, with some excellent performances (Nick Ford's pastiche of The Jabberwocky was particularly memorable) and a song or two. I told a selection of tales on Saturday and Sunday evenings, and ran a small poetry workshop ~ which rather pleasingly inspired two people to compose who had not done so in years.
I must make more of an effort to memorise some song lyrics. I still cannot hold a tune, but there are a few Cole Porter and some Noel Coward numbers that I might be able to pull off if only I can get the words in my head.
It would be lovely to hold a similar gathering in Suffolk, and have a strong impression that the Powers That Be approve of such a notion. Just a case of finding an appropriate venue where we can camp and sit around a log fire till silly o'clock telling stories without disturbing other people.


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