Oh Lord!

Utterly thrilled by the revelation that Peter Capaldi will be bringing his very considerable acting prowess to the role of the next Doctor. I'm also rather glad that they have cast an older actor in the role, a touch of nostalgia for those of us who can remember when the Time Lord was an avuncular character. On a self-reflective note (well, what is blogging if not glorified solipsism?), avuncularity is something I am finally coming to terms with. When I started university at age 19 I was very rapidly given the nickname of Uncle Robin by friends, possibly because I was rather too often the sensible one. Or maybe I just looked haggard ~ at age 17 I was once mistaken for my own mother's brother. She was flattered to be considered young looking... I can't honestly say I felt at all complimented by it! Now I actually am middle aged, and in the knowledge that I will never have children of my own, I actually quite enjoy acquiring surrogate nephews, nieces and godchildren to indulge and embarrass in equal turns. Having been one of Santa's elves in a previous life (until I got drunk and plummeted from the sleigh to my untimely death in a chimney), I love buying people presents. It's a challenge for me, to find the right gift for the right person. The weirder the better (both the gift and the person). I have enough presents in the wardrobe to satisfy five years's worth of Yules.
The added joy of being an uncle is that one can cause mayhem with casual abandon, and say appalling things, and take them to utterly unsuitable places that they will love. I'm aiming to take a leaf from the Time Lord's book and make my unclehood more adventurous, descending on my adoptive relatives in order to throw everything into disarray. I need to choose an alarming mode of personal transport though, if I'm to do this properly. Shame telephone boxes are not readily available.
I already have the anachronistic and bizarre wardrobe and a total lack of social skills, so I am well on the way. Back to Mr Capaldi, his performance in Torchwood as the tormented Frobisher was subtle, moving and morally disturbing. As a Doctor he'll doubtless bring a great deal of depth and darkness to the role and I suspect that, like Tom Baker, he'll emphasise the alienness of the Time Lord. I haven't enjoyed Christmas for quite a while now, but I am so looking forward to this year and seeing the arrival of a new man at the console.


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