Having a Ball

It's been a long day, and I'm feeling a trifle tired now ~ but happy and reflective. The Bibliomancer's Ball, whilst not as packed out as it could have been, was a quiet success. We paid for the hall and made just over £40 for the Ipswich Hospital CCU.
It was good to finally put a face to some people I have known via Facebook. Apparently Mercury is retrograde or something, and it certainly started out with computer chaos and what appeared to be a wiped memory stick with a lifetime of pagan talks, workshops etc. Thankfully we had our very own technomancer present, Will, who resurrected the dead after engaging in his arcane arts and conjured forth PowerPoint presentations from the UnderVoid. My electronic memories continue to dwell in my brain extension, though I shall be crating back-up copies for future reference.
Lorna Smithers gave a fascinating talk on the inspirational nature of landscape and its attendant folklore in inspiring poetry. Maybe there are poems about Ipswich that need to be written, to flesh out the story of this place by the river?
Gave a talk myself on the importance of storytelling as a ritual, magical act and the significance of story for identity (more specifically, how lack of stories can lead to a lack of identity and a lack of communicable presence, more of which in a future post)... then told three stories in the afternoon (Gwynn app Nudd and St Collen, The Birth of Sekhmet, and the Romance of Fionn and Sadb). It's always good to tell to an appreciative audience, and I managed to inveigle a few private in-jokes we some people might have picked up on.
There were some excellent contributions, and the drumming workshop proved very popular. Definitely a good d├ębut for the Devilwood Drummers, whom we'll doubtless be seeing at other events in the future.


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